G1 Clinical Trials

G1 is developing three new oncology therapies that are currently in clinical trials

G1 is advancing three clinical-stage programs, trilaciclib, lerociclib and G1T48, that are designed to improve patient outcomes across multiple oncology indications. For more details on G1 clinical trials, please contact clinicalinfo@g1therapeutics.com.

Trilaciclib, a first-in-class myelopreservation agent designed to protect the bone marrow from damage by chemotherapy and improve patient outcomes, is currently being studied in small cell lung cancer and triple negative breast cancer.

Lerociclib is a potential best-in-class oral CDK4/6 inhibitor being developed for use in combination with other targeted therapies in multiple oncology indications. It is currently being studied in ER+, HER2- breast cancer and EGFRm non-small cell lung cancer.

G1T48 is an oral selective estrogen receptor degrader (SERD) being studied as monotherapy or in combination with other targeted therapies to treat ER+ breast cancer.