Medical Professionals

Commitment to Medical Professionals

G1 Therapeutics recognizes the invaluable contribution that healthcare professionals make every day to helping their patients, and we are committed to working with medical professionals to improve care for those affected by cancer. We partner with oncologists, nurses and other healthcare providers to advance novel oncology treatments, and are committed to providing timely information about our research and clinical programs.

Our mission

To discover, develop and deliver innovative therapies that improve the lives of those affected by cancer. Led by a team with a deep understanding of the biology of cancer and extensive drug discovery, development and commercialization experience, we are rapidly advancing three clinical-stage therapies for people living with cancer.

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Our pipeline

G1 Therapeutics is advancing a pipeline of three investigational therapies with the potential to improve outcomes in multiple oncology indications. We have exclusive worldwide development and commercialization rights to trilaciclib, rintodestrant (G1T48) and lerociclib, with more than 115 U.S. and international patents and pending patent applications covering our development programs.

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Medical Information Inquiry

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Policy for Expanded Access to Investigational Agents

G1 Therapeutics is dedicated to developing medical treatments that address significant unmet needs for people with a diagnosis of cancer. We are currently evaluating our investigational treatments in clinical trials so that we can fully understand how they work, which patients are most likely to benefit, and carefully determine safety and efficacy.  Information to request access of a G1 investigational treatment can be found here.

Our commitment to patients

We are committed to improving the lives of those affected by cancer and recognize that families and care partners are waiting for new therapies. We are driven to put our collective efforts and resources toward advancing oncology treatments that have the potential to benefit people around the world.

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Adverse events and product complaints

G1 Therapeutics routinely collects and analyzes safety information on our products, including reports from healthcare professionals and patients about adverse events and product complaints. We submit safety reports as appropriate to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which reviews these reports and, when necessary, takes steps to alert healthcare professionals of emerging safety concerns.

Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to FDA at 1.800.FDA.1088.  You may also report side effects or product complaints to G1 Therapeutics by emailing

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