G1 Therapeutics has discovered a novel small molecule-based method for preventing the hematological side effects of exposure to ionizing radiation and cancer chemotherapy.  This same technology also provides protection of the kidney from several types of toxic events.  G1 Therapeutics small molecule therapies act by a novel mechanism and have demonstrable advantages over existing therapies.

Bone marrow suppression is a severe consequence of exposure to chemotherapeutics and radiation.  It is the dose-limiting toxicity of these treatments, and is the leading cause of death following accidental radiation exposure.  Bone marrow suppression results in loss of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.  The existing worldwide oncology supportive care market to treat the consequences of bone marrow suppression has major liabilities in terms of toxicity and expense.  Moreover, no existing approach treats the loss of platelets, a major unmet medical need in clinical oncology.