Trilaciclib: Experimental Treatment for Small-Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC)

Scientific rationale and therapeutic potential

Trilaciclib is a short-acting CDK4/6 inhibitor given as a 30-minute IV infusion prior to chemotherapy. Trilaciclib is designed to:

Clinical results

Trilaciclib’s potential in SCLC has been encouraging to date (see: Publications):

G1 is currently recruiting patients for two Phase 2 trials in SCLC

G1T28-02 Study   G1T28-03 Study
  • First-line extensive stage SCLC
  • Multi-center, randomized
  • Carboplatin and etoposide + trilaciclib
  • Approximately 90 patients
  • Identifier: NCT02499770
  • Previously treated SCLC
  • Multi-center, randomized
  • Topotecan + trilaciclib
  • Approximately 90 patients
  • Identifier: NCT02514447

For additional information on the trials, please visit:

Click here for printable version of our trilaciclib SCLC clinical trials fact sheet